Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Window or Memories

Here is my project for Sweet Peach this month. I had a great time making this window. I will post more pictures later.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Here is a challenge and layout I did for Sweet Peach Blog.
This challenge is to scrapbook about an event or photo shoot that didn't go quite as planed. I don't know about most of you but my photo ops rarely go as planned. Either the lighting is bad, the subject is just not cooperating, or in this case I am just not prepared. I am very hard on myself about not taking enough pictures or taking tons of pictures and only haveing a few that are really great. Thank goodness for digital photography. I can take all I want unless the memory card is full and then delete the ones I don't want.

This is a layout I did about parasailing while on vacation last week in Destin FL. Below is the journaling just in case you can't read it on the layout.
I should have paid the extra $20 for pictures. They asked and I said, no thank you I have a good camera so we will be taking our own pictures. I spent the night before charging batteries for all three cameras, picked out the right one for the job and carefully picked the right lens. The day of our adventure I made sure I packed all three cameras including the DSLR, the waterproof one and my new point and shoot. I planned to have our friend use the DSLR to take our pictures and gave him a crash course. You press this button not that button, turn this dial to zoom not that one for focus since auto focus is on. Up we went and what did I do? I stuck my waterproof camera in my face to take pictures of the boat. Lesson number one if someone is taking pictures of you don’t try to take pictures of them. Upon returning to the boat I was informed he was only able to take a few photos with my camera. I had forgotten to format the card and the memory was full. Wow how could I forget to check the memory card? Lesson number two check the memory card. I was sick and wanted to cry. Thank goodness our friend grabbed his camera and took more pictures. I always wanted to parasail and my one big moment was not captured as well as I wanted all because I failed to be prepared. So if the wind gets knocked out of your sails (photos) make the best of what you have. I will go again and I will pay the extra $20 just in case something happens.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Is it hot or what? As I waited in the truck for Alan to drop something off at a friends house today the thermometer in the truck read 111 degree. Now, I know it was not really 111 degrees outside but it must have been close. The temp did drop to 98 once we started moving again. I am ready for Fall this year. I'll welcome the cool weather. I lived in the south all my life but that doesn't mean I like this heat.

Thinking about the heat today I decided to post this beach layout. This is a picture of my mother at Myrtle Beach around 1947. I am guessing she must have been around 20 at the time the picture was taken. She passed away last year from Alzheimer's at 82. Amazing how Alzheimer's can take away so much from a person. Love you Mom.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

What a busy weekend scrapbooking. Here are the layouts I made for Sweet Peach with the August kit. I am also working on a mini album that will be revealed on the Sweet Peach blog in a few weeks. I spent the evening on Friday at Archiver's with 10 friends scrapbooking. We had a really good time as always. I have a wonderful group of friends. Saturday I spent the day home alone scrapbooking. Today I spent a big portion of the day again scrapbooking. I am a slow scrapbooker so it took me two entire days to complete and finish three layouts. I don't always spend this much time but I am slow. Take care and hope you enjoy. 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy Spring!

Here is the layout I made for the Sweet Peach Crop Shop blog. I worked all day on this but I think it was so worth the work. I really like how it turned out. My sweet gran daughter on her 3rd birthday flying a kite. Head over to Sweet Peach and check it out. http://www.sweetpeachcropshop.com/blog/ 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Elijah Oh baby of mine!

A friend of mine just became a grandmother for the first time. I remember that joy when my precious grand daughter was born so I wanted to make something special for their baby pictures. I spent an entire weekend working on this album and I was so happy with the end results. The patterned paper I used in the album came from the My Minds Eye the Lime Twist collection. I also used a mixture of embellishments from my stash. The pages are denim fabric that I ironed together using an iron on fusing and then sewed around the edges. I bought grommets from the sewing department for the holes and bound it together with binding rings. I now want to make one of these for each of my now grown sons since I never got around to making their baby books. There are so many pockets and tags in this book its fun just to flip through and see all the hidden spots.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


I am so glad it's the weekend. I had my gran daughter spend the night last night. I love having her over. She brings a new life to my house. I need to take her somewhere today to take more pictures so I can scrapbook them. Maybe the park would be a good place but if the temps are in the 90's you can forget that idea. I may just have to find some place inside. I'll have to think about this for a little bit and check the outside temp. 

It seems some of my more simple layouts I love the most. I just love this layout. It was created using the June Juicy Sweet Peach Crop Shop kit. I love the banner and the clouds.

Have a good weekend!